Alpha 4

As notified within the previous note, the gameplay was reworked this week. The 4 available levels were redone to match this. Some levels are not polished enough (well, probably all), but the playfield was reduced from a 46x33 block board to a 25x18 block board (almost halved!). This reduced the empty spaces and sped up the game a little, with less blocks to break to reach higher end-of-level bonus. Thus shorter game, and potentially more tries before rage-quitting on a mistake at the end of the first level.

Less blocks means larger ones. A few details were added to normal, unbreakable and pad-blocker blocks. The key block was changed to be more visible and different from attract blocks. The ball was also redesigned with some light and color effects.

If you tried Block Around before, it is recommended you delete your previous profile to start with a fresh one, as the achievements were updated to match the score you can get on the new levels.

Will the next update include some levels of the second world? Well, we'll see... (note: level 1-Final may be stupidly difficult because hey, it's currently the last one!)