Alpha 3


The home edition almost has all its feature covered. Just to spice thing up a little, achievements gives you secondary objectives. Most of them are still what you would do when trying to get the highest score and can help to clear the game with extra lives.

The achievements are stored in your profile and shown when one is unlocked during the game.

Also, when playing in Story mode, you can still put some scores on Score attack while on the way. A virtual life counter is set for each level to register your score as if you were playing Score attack for the current level. That is starting with one life and the first virtual extra at 3000, no matter you score was on the previous level.

Scoring mechanics

With the addition of end-of-level bonus, the scoring mechanics are complete. The extra-life thresholds and challenges are still not reviewed and this version might be the easiest to finish.

When clearing a level, you will earn a basic amount of points which increases for each level. You will also earn more points the more block you broke on that level. With those bonus and a few combo, the extra lives are not that hard to get.

This end bonus encourage you to spend more time on levels and try to reach some more blocks. But the levels were not really designed for completeness and where you would finish the level after breaking a long combo chain (often with losing a life), you may keep breaking some blocks with a slow ball on rather empty boards. Boring...

And next

Not the other level yet. But kinda. The game will receive some big changes for the next release, with graphical reworks and redesigning the 4 first levels to increase the pace of the game, either for rushing the warp gate or for trying to clear most of the blocks. And make levels more uniques.

The next release will probably be the one where you delete your profile to rediscover the game.